Hello Winter!

SWE Fall 2017 banquet

The SWEster who could make the fall banquet had fun reminiscing about the past semester and looking forward to the next. We also had a wonderful potluck and took a few fun photos in the Forestry Building’s Atrium. Which photo should be used if we ever make an album?


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Congratulations to our SWE-niors!

We want to introduce everyone to the newly graduated Michigan Technological University SWE alumnae.

Caitlyn Case

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Hometown: Hemlock, MI
Favorite SWE Memory: Apple Pressing at Dr. Hein’s house
Future Plans: Working for GM as Global Propulsion System Engineer

Congratulations! We love you and wish you all the best on your future endeavors. Thank you for being a part of SWE and sharing your talents with us. Keep in touch and continue to grow personally and professionally.

General Meeting Fun!

At our most recent general meeting we talked about preparing for Winter Carnival (Feb.7th-11th) and had some fun team bonding exercises! I mean, we ate Oreos, played with Legos and got to be a bit competitive.


SWE sponsored Winter Carnival Queen Candidate!

Our MTU SWE President, Jessica Geroux, ran for Winter Carnival Queen and was part of amazing group of Tech Women that were interviewed, performed a talent, and rocked the Rozsa Center on Saturday night. Thank you to everyone who supported Jessica and the other Queen candidates!


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Winter Carnival

This year’s Winter Carnival theme is “Myths And Tales Of The Past In Our Frigid Forecast.” SWEsters build the statue of Humpty-Dumpty on a snow-brick wall in between the library and Rekhi. We also sold “puppy-chow” in between Dillmand and Fisher Hall. We worked while listening to other site’s music, getting free hot-cocoa, and trying our best to stay warm and dry.


Snowman Left Behind

MTU attempted to break the Guinness World Record for the amount of snowmen built in one hour! Unfortunately the snow was powdery instead of pack-y but we made it work the best we could and also added a few snow angles in between snowmen. Overall it was a beautiful Saturday and a great excuse to play in the snow! Still waiting to hear if we officially broke the record…


What’s Next? – Career Fair!

Our next general meeting is 2/19/2018 at 6-7pm in EERC 100. We will be holding a Career Fair Panel with multiple company reps.

For current students, keep an eye on your email for any Career Fair prep events. They are helpful and usually have a few company representatives volunteering and networking. Have those resumes printed, your business clothes steamed, elevator-speech and handshake practiced, and most importantly, your best self. Good luck and may the jobs be ever in your favor!

Mid-Semester Update

Hello Everyone!

This semester has started off a bit later than it has in the past. Hope everyone is doing well this semester and can find time to join SWE in some of the fun events we have going on throughout the year.


The weather for K-day was gorgeous and sunny. I forgot to wear my sunscreen and got a little burnt but nothing to worry about. It was great talking to all the different students and promoting our club. Our t-shirts were to dye for! Even Blizzard joined in and tried to help some students dye their t-shirts without staining his paws. 


Evening with Industry

Thank you to the company representatives and students that came to our Evening with Industry. It was great networking and visiting with both the company representatives and my fellow students before Career Fair. Our guest speaker, Dr. Carol Ley, shared her journey and some memories about her time at Michigan Tech. Who knew that back in the day you could sled out of Douglas Houghton Hall via your dorm window? While that is not encouraged anymore, she did encouraged us all to seek learning opportunities and to enjoy our time here at Michigan Tech. The dinner itself was pretty tasty thanks to the MUB catering.


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Fall Career Fair

The 2017 Fall Career Fair was huge! Seeing all the students dressed in their business attire, walking around, and talking to some of the 1000+ company representatives was fun. I know I practiced my handshake and elevator speech all week and almost couldn’t stop at “hello” when I was just meeting new people! The following days there were lots of interviews for internships, co-ops, and full time jobs. Hope everyone talked to the companies on their lists and were able to get an interview. In the meantime, keep those resumes updated! It won’t be long until the Spring Career Fair on February 21st, 2018.

If you’re a student or company representative that would like to know more about Michigan Tech’s Career Fairs, here is the link: http://www.mtu.edu/career/students/jobs/fair/

Apple Picking

Had fun wandering Dr. Gretchen Hein’s family farm and picking wild apples. Before and after picking apples we got to interact with the animals. Chasing the chickens was a workout experience but a few SWEsters caught some (no animals were harmed in the chase, just some pride)! Also, who knew duck feathers were so soft? I think my favorite animal interaction was feeding and petting the alpacas and sheep. Their wool is so dense and soft! Giving myself a reminder to myself to make sure I have wool socks before the snow comes…


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Apple Pressing

The SWEsters that could make it to Dr. Hein’s family farm got to press their own cider. We greeted all the animals again and got to work. Working together, we made multiple batches with a variety of the wild apples we picked two days prior. They were ground up, pressed, and then sampled! The difference batches had different levels of tartness depending on how many crab apples we added to the blend. Everyone who came got to bring home some of the cider. Personally I’m not the biggest fan of apple juice but the cider was amazing and definitely better than any store bought juice I’ve tried. I decided to shared the cider with some family that was visiting and was it gone in seconds!


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SWEsters at Dr. Hein’s family farm for apple pressing.

Drag Show

SWEsters got together and attended the 17th Annual Michigan Tech Drag Show which was fantastic! The lip syncing, dancing, intricate costumes and makeup were captivating. The queens and king put on such a fun show full of acceptance, love, and fierceness. The urge to sing and dance along was so strong! It didn’t take long before I was dancing in my seat for the rest of the night. You know it’s a good show when you almost lose your voice cheering and clapping after all the numbers. I can’t wait to see what the 18th annual drag show will bring! Side question: can someone teach me how to do a death drop without getting injured?

Pumpkin Painting

During our October 18th general meeting we painted pumpkins for our friends at Cypress Manor while eating some candy corn and other Halloween treats. The pumpkins painted varied from beautiful designs to fun monsters.


As the year winds down, take some time to reminiscence on all that we accomplished this semester.  This post is dedicated to this last year, including our accomplishments and goals for next year.


Read about what our committees have accomplished this semester:

Fundraising Chairs

This year the fundraising chairs for SWE organized two main events.  The first large event was the second annual SWEat 5k; it took place in the fall semester and the track began on campus and traced a path throughout downtown Houghton.  Our largest fundraising event was the food sale on the All-Nighter of Winter Carnival, during which we sold individual bags of puppy chow.  Both of these events required intricate planning and delegation of tasks in order to be successfully arranged. We worked with many officials and faculty to complete these goals.  This year, we collected a significant amount of money for the Barbara Kettle Gundlach Foundation through the SWEat 5k as well as provided another food option for people partaking in Winter Carnival activities.  


Campus and Community Year in Review:

SWE’s Campus and Community committee had another very busy and successful school year. We started off the year with our tie-dye event during orientation week and we had a successful showing at K-Day where we had games and prizes and met tons of new women interested in joining SWE. We also painted pumpkins and brought them to the residents at Cypress Manor Health and Rehabilitation Center in Hancock. This spring semester brought on many more events and kept the members of SWE very active in their community. We had several women volunteer at the Get WISE outreach event which was created to get middle school girls interested in STEM fields. We also visited a local elementary school to do our Big Mac program with the fourth grade students. SWE also participated in the Annual Western UP Science Fair; many women volunteered as judges and many helped host an egg-drop activity for young students and their families. A new project taken on this year was a service project at Cypress Manor; several members of SWE teamed up with Delta Zeta Sorority to give their dining room a fresh new coat of paint! Within a week of painting their dining room, SWE made and delivered Easter baskets full of candy to the residents. Finally, we have been very active in helping coordinate the annual Girl Scout STEM Day taking place on Michigan Tech’s campus in April. The Campus and Commmunity team has again had a very successful and rewarding year, and we look forward to seeing all the great things SWE can do in the future for the Michigan Tech community.


This was an outstanding social year for SWE. We were able to accomplish at least one social event every month and had a substantial attendance rate increase from the previous year. At the start of the year we had a SWEet Spikers IM Volleyball team, built and raced a cardboard boat during Homecoming and pressed apple cider at Dr. Hein’s house. We created a broomball team, attended a hockey game and FilmBoard movie. On top of building a statue during carnival, we went to a show at the Rozsa and painted pottery. We had a lot of fun growing together as a group and being an encouraging and supportive organization for women in STEM. The social committee adequately provided fun and diverse activities for all of the SWEsters to bond during the 2015-16 school year.


Breanna: It was fun being a co-webmaster this year for SWE.  I discovered how much work goes into maintaining an organization website and learned a lot about wordpress and hosting servers along the way.  I am glad that SWE allowed me to do this.  Over the year I have created a new template, updated the logo, and a slew of other things.  Quite an interesting experience!  It was also fun collaborating with all of the other committees — we were like a SWE machine!

Jocelyne: Being a webmaster co-chair this year was a great experience. I knew nothing about maintaining a website or even HTML coding before I received the position, so it’s been fun learning about everything. Keeping things updated on the site definitely helps in keeping up to date on all of the awesome opportunities MTU SWE has to offer too! I also enjoyed getting to know all of the other CHEB members better as well. It has been a fun year!


As historian, I had so much fun capturing all the awesome memories from this school year. I loved putting pictures on Facebook so everyone could see what we are up to in SWE! Furthermore, it has been super rewarding creating the digital scrapbook for everyone to see at the Spring Banquet. Overall, its been a lot of fun and I love being able to take pictures of all the lovely and awesome SWE members!


This has been another great year for our SWE section financially, and we are ending the year well prepared for the future.

This year we had many corporate sponsors donate to our SWE section, including Black & Veatch, General Motors, Arcelor Mittal, Nucor, John Deere, Jackson National Life Insurance, and Toyota.  Evening with Industry was a great success, profiting over $5,000, and ALL of the student tickets were sponsored by companies!  We were also able to give back to our community this year. We were able to donate $500 to the Barbara Kettle Gundlach Women’s shelter, $750 to the Keweenaw Color Run and $200 to the Pavlis Women’s Health Project.  After this year’s budget hearings, we were awarded $3,000 from USG to send members to the Societal Conference. I look forward to seeing this upward trend continue for SWE next year, and seeing Rachel excel in this position!


I designed and distributed posters for all of the general meetings and put out table tents for the bigger meetings that we had, like when there was a guest speaker for example. I also made/distributed posters and table tents the publicize Evening with Industry.


With that note, next year’s CHEB members will be:

Communications Director: Carly Gloudmans
Historian: Carly Gloudemans
Newsletter: Sarah Hielsberg
Publicity: Erica Coscarelli
Webmaster: Christi Wohlford
Outreach Director: Laura Schimmel
Certificate of Merit: Stephanie Peterson and Katelyn Buchalski
Community and Campus: Hannah Cunningham and Lauren Sandy
EWI: Jocelyne Denhof, Laura Schimmel and Baileigh Zimmerman
Fundraising: Leah Bectel
Social: Romana Carden and Karsyn VanLaanen
Awards: Emily Meuers
Thank you too all of you who had an active role in our section this year! You may be surprised to hear, but this section would not be able to function without the dedicated individuals mentioned in this post and all other active members.  Thank you for making this year exciting and eventful!
Take a break this summer, so you can come back full swing in the fall!

Hello to a New Adventure

The times comes again to say farewell to those graduating.  They’re spreading all around the country, from San Francisco to New York, for all sorts of reasons.  Get to know SWE’s seniors a bit better:

Dylaina Fiebing

Hometown: Traverse City, MI

Major: Chemical Engineering (BS)

Plans after Graduation: My plans after graduation will be to start working full time in June. I’m still in the process of interviewing with companies, but I’m pretty certain I’ll have something before I graduate!

Favorite SWE Memory: The applause I received after speaking in front of the 400 people who attended Evening with Industry in 2015, and then later that night, sitting with my EWI co-chairs after the event was done, knowing that “we did it!!”

Something interesting about yourself: I’m an avid Dungeons & Dragons player; I’ve been playing since I was 16. I play every 1-2 weeks at Tech and I have been since I came here in Fall 2012. It’s a whole different kind of problem solving method when you’re dealing with powerful spells and horrible monsters!

Elizabeth Wohlford

Hometown: Midland, MI

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Plans after Graduation: Moving to Seattle to be like Meridith Grey

Favorite SWE Memory: Big Mac Challenge Outreach Event

Something interesting about yourself: I’m a huge Beyonce fan

Anna Marchesano

Hometown: Plymouth, MI

Major: Chemical Engineering

Plans after Graduation: I plan to find work in process improvement or sustainability role.

Favorite SWE Memory: Playing Wii games my freshman year at a social with CHEB members, when I didn’t know anyone. It was a great way to get to know new SWE members, get involved, and have a fun time doing it!

Something interesting about yourself: I never wear matching socks.

Rebecca Villerot

Hometown: Royal Oak, MI

Major: Chemical Engineering

Plans after graduation: I will be working for Dow Chemical as a Process Engineer in the ECLIPSE program in Freeport, Texas.

Favorite SWE memory: I have really enjoyed and benefited from attending conferences. Also apple cider pressing this past fall was awesome!

Something interesting: I have lived in Wads, DHH and McNair.

Cassie Bobart

Hometown: Northbrook, IL

Major: Chemical Engineering

Plans after Graduation: Working for Verso, a paper company, near Iron Mountain.

Favorite SWE Activity: Apple Cider pressing!!!

Something interesting about yourself: I studied abroad in South Africa!!

Kate Boyles

Hometown: Ramsey, Minnesota

Major: Biomedical Engineering with minor in Electrical Engineering

Plans after Graduation: In May, I will be moving back to Minnesota and starting my job as a System Engineer at Medtronic, which has been my dream company for years! I will also be very busy with wedding planning this summer and will be marrying my best friend, Matt, in September!

Favorite SWE Memory: The societal conferences! I went to Baltimore, Los Angeles, and Nashville. All three trips were a ton of fun and full of awesome sessions and opportunities to grow and learn. It’s hard to say which conference was my favorite but I especially loved the beach in LA and all the live music in Nashville!

Something interesting about myself: I ran two marathons throughout college and was close to qualifying for Boston’s Marathon during my second one. I am looking forward to graduating and having more time to train and run other marathons!


Melissa Galant

Hometown: Shelby Twp., MI

Major: Materials Science and Engineering and Mechanical Engineering

Plans after graduation: Design Engineer at Caterpillar

Favorite SWE Memory: Planning 2014 Region H SWE Conference

Something interesting: I am going to miss skiing at Mt. Ripley!

Rachel Altscheffel

Hometown: Midland, Michigan

Major: Biomedical Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering

Plans after Graduation: I will be moving to Oswego, NY to be a process engineer with Novelis

Favorite SWE Memory: Helping plan the conference we hosted.

Something interesting about yourself: I have been to almost all of the waterfalls in the Keweenaw.

Justine Barker

Hometown: Menominee, MI

Major: Engineering Management

Plans after Graduation: Not sure yet for a job, but I am taking a five week road trip after graduation to reward myself!

Favorite SWE Memory: I attended 3 regional conferences, and they were all very fun and informative. I got to learn a lot through the sessions, and I also got to meet great people!

Something interesting about yourself: I did a study abroad in Italy and a project experience in India while at Michigan Tech. I love to travel!

Chloe Sult

Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI

Major: Computer Engineering

Plans After Graduation: Moving to San Francisco!

Favorite SWE Memory: Making slime with the middle school students

Kate Fletcher

Hometown: Green Bay, Wisconsin

Major: Materials Science Engineering

Plans after graduation: I will be moving to San Francisco to work at Chevron as a Refinery Materials Engineer!

Favorite SWE memory: Attending my first SWE conference in Baltimore a few years ago

Something interesting about myself: I hate cold weather and snow!

Thank you for the fantastic memories you’ve given us, and we wish you the best of luck!

The Votes are In…

Drum roll please!  And next year’s E-board is…….

President: Maggie Urben

President Elect: Jessica Geroux

Secretary: Lily Williams

Treasurer: Rachel Kolb

VP for Membership: Madison Mroczynski

Congratulations to all those voted in!  Thank you for stepping up to lead our section.  SWE looks forward to next year!

That in mind, please, if you are interested in running for CHEB, the sign up is open.  Just fill out the form!

SWE in Professional Action

Before spring break, 21 girls had the chance to join other SWE members, professional and collegiate, in celebrating women in engineering and the accomplishments of different SWE sections.

Hosted in Platteville, WI, this year’s Region H conference was supported by some balmy 60 degree weather.  Attendee’s had a list of events they could attend and tours they could partake in.

Here’s what some attendee had to say about the trip:

“I was able to learn a lot from the first keynote speaker. She said that you have to confident about who you are and what you want to be. You need to stay true to yourself to stay happy and that several people can be successful in the same position and still do it in a completely different way.”  -Jeanette

“I had so much fun at my first SWE conference! My favorite part of the weekend was getting to see 3 human cadavers and learn about the human body. Even though anatomy isn’t related to engineering, it is still science and all of the women who were with me came because we all love to learn. I also realized my own stereotype that there aren’t many women in engineering- seeing thousands of them this weekend proved me wrong and it was very refreshing!” -Romana




Another excitement from Region H: our section was awarded the Outstanding Collegiate Section of the year! This is the first time the Michigan Tech SWE Section has won the award since transitioning to a large section.  This is an exciting tribute to our section’s accomplishments, both individual and group!