Easter meeting

Hey ladies,

Firstly, it’s getting to the end of another year and I will be making the final blog post soon. I’d like to get some words from all of you to include in the post. Comment on this post with your favorite event this year, what you like most about SWE, what you’re looking forward to for next year, etc. If you have any pictures to include, email me at easheera@mtu.edu

In other news….

Easter is just around the corner, why not help those who could use a friendly smile this holiday??


Come to our meeting Wednesday, April 9th to get your arts and crafts on and make some Easter baskets that we will be delivering to the local nursing home. We do this every year, and the seniors are always so happy to see us and get the easter baskets.

One thought on “Easter meeting

  1. Kaitlyn Bunker says:

    My favorite thing this year has been all of the new activities planned by our social chairs! Especially the SWE softball team, watching Frozen, and I’m looking forward to the scavenger hunt on Friday. I found these SWE socials to be a great complement to our outreach and professional development activities!


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