The Votes are In…

Drum roll please!  And next year’s E-board is…….

President: Maggie Urben

President Elect: Jessica Geroux

Secretary: Lily Williams

Treasurer: Rachel Kolb

VP for Membership: Madison Mroczynski

Congratulations to all those voted in!  Thank you for stepping up to lead our section.  SWE looks forward to next year!

That in mind, please, if you are interested in running for CHEB, the sign up is open.  Just fill out the form!

More than Academics

This weekend SWE-sters found themselves painting at Cypress Manor in Hancock.  All throughout the day, members were painting the dining hall of the Rehabilitation Center to giver the residents something a little more exciting to look at as they take their meals.

SWE in Professional Action

Before spring break, 21 girls had the chance to join other SWE members, professional and collegiate, in celebrating women in engineering and the accomplishments of different SWE sections.

Hosted in Platteville, WI, this year’s Region H conference was supported by some balmy 60 degree weather.  Attendee’s had a list of events they could attend and tours they could partake in.

Here’s what some attendee had to say about the trip:

“I was able to learn a lot from the first keynote speaker. She said that you have to confident about who you are and what you want to be. You need to stay true to yourself to stay happy and that several people can be successful in the same position and still do it in a completely different way.”  -Jeanette

“I had so much fun at my first SWE conference! My favorite part of the weekend was getting to see 3 human cadavers and learn about the human body. Even though anatomy isn’t related to engineering, it is still science and all of the women who were with me came because we all love to learn. I also realized my own stereotype that there aren’t many women in engineering- seeing thousands of them this weekend proved me wrong and it was very refreshing!” -Romana




Another excitement from Region H: our section was awarded the Outstanding Collegiate Section of the year! This is the first time the Michigan Tech SWE Section has won the award since transitioning to a large section.  This is an exciting tribute to our section’s accomplishments, both individual and group!