Inspiration from the Source

Michigan Tech has a unique tradition of writing letters to high school girls who have an interest in Engineering.  Consider reaching out and getting more girls involved in not only SWE, but also engineering.

You don’t have to be a fantastic writer; in fact, you’ll be great if you know how to write.  Be honest with what YOU have gotten from an engineering degree and you’ll be able to inspire even more girls to step a foot into the STEM fields.

It’s not unknown that Michigan Tech’s ratio is slanted towards men, but you can take an active role to convince girls that they can become an engineer.  Computers, building, and technology is not just a man’s field; it’s a field for anyone interested in joining.

SWE is all about being able to build confidence and involvement from women in the engineering and technology fields.  Share your own knowledge and funny stories with other girls who might not be entirely sure they will be successful in the engineering world.

The next Female Letter Writing Campaign is Wednesday, March 2 from 12:00 – 3:00 pm in the MUB Alumni Lounge A.  You don’t have to be there the whole time.  Just stop in, write a few words and be happy that you may have convinced someone they CAN become an engineer.


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