And so another semester ends

I hope your final studying has been going well and you’re finals week not be quite so painful.

A few shout outs for graduating seniors:

Lacey Kaare

Hometown: Ewen, MI

Major: Civil Engineering

Plans after graduation: Find a job with a consulting firm doing Transportation work.

Favorite SWE Memory: Traveling to Nashville, TN this year for WE15! This trip was great to see a new city and get to know girls better! Thanks for all of the great memories throughout my time in SWE!

Molly Gerarden

Hometown: Menominee, MI

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Plans after graduation: Test & Development at Oshkosh Defense

Favorite SWE Memory: Building the brave little toaster statue for winter carnival.

Kaitlyn Voet

Hometown: Midland, MI

Major: Geological Engineering

Plans after Graduation: Moving to Novi, MI to work for Arcadis and joining the SWE Detroit Professional section!

Favorite SWE memory: Apple Cider Pressing at Dr. Hein’s house and attending societal conferences in Baltimore and LA.

Congratulations to everyone graduating!




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