Halloween is approaching!

Hey ladies!

This Wednesday we are having our pumpkin painting social! Come join us in Chem Sci 101 from 6-7pm. The pumpkins we pain will then be delivered to a local nursing home.

To get the juices flowin I’ve added some pictures for some great pumpkin painting ideas! Hope this helps! See you Wednesday =)


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We had a great turnout at our general meeting yesterday!

We took our yearly photo, and actually had to switch from our usual location (ChemSci lobby) because there were just too many of us! I can’t believe how much we’ve grown. Thanks everyone who attended and for wearing all your spiffy SWE apparel. I would say we were lookin pretty good!

1391666_638288299538989_955898337_nWe also had a great presentation for the rest of the meeting. Our own Katie Bunker gave a fantastic presentation, “You’re in SWE, now what?” This was basically a thorough background on SWE as whole society, the layout of the organization, and ways you can get involved. It was great to learn more about SWE and I think the new members definitely benefited from hearing this info early on. And we couldn’t have had anyone better than Katie to present, she definitely is greatly involved in SWE.

Some updates and reminders from the meeting:

Our next meeting is quite festive! We will be painting pumpkins on October 23rd!

A big congratulations to Elizabeth Wohlford, Kodi Padilla, and Lauren Bodeis! They are our section winners for the Stilettos to Steel Toes Essay Contest. Thanks to everyone who submitted an essay, this was a great fundraiser for our section!

Engineering Ambassadors is looking for volunteers who are passionate about spreading engineering to elementary and middle school students! They are a student organization that visits local elementary and middle schools to spread their love for engineering. Students pair up and create presentations and activities that they will use when visiting the local schools. From personal experience, this organization is a blast! It was so rewarding to be able to work to come up with an activity and then see how excited all the kids were to learn about engineering! They’re also looking for more guys to join the organization, so if you know anyone who you think would be perfect for this, tell them to contact us! Contact me (easheera@mtu.edu) or the advisor of Engineering Ambassadors (Michelle Miller mhmiller@Mtu.edu) for more information.

Fall is peaking around here, so get out there and enjoy the weather and beautiful trees this weekend!

Fall is here =)

It has been quite a busy week here on campus.

Last was Career Fair. I saw quite a few SWE-sters out there job hunting, hopefully all went well. The day after Career Fair, we were fortunate enough to have some company representatives chat with us at our general meeting. They shared their work stories, gave pointers for interviews and even asked us for recommendations on how to better their recruiting.

This past weekend Dr. Hein invited some SWE girls out to pick apples and press some fresh cider. We are definitely kicking off fall the right way!

Check out our facebook page for some great pictures!