Congrats Seniors!!!

Graduating Seniors

“You have brains in your head, you have feet in yours shoes, you can steer yourself any direction you choose.”-Dr. Seuss

A huge congratulations to all of you as you finish finals and get ready to walk next weekend! Good luck in your future endeavors and thank you so much for all you contributed to SWE!

Those not graduating…check out below, the graduating seniors have left some fantastic advice for you! Those who have “been there, done that” are the best people to get advice from, so read up there’s some good stuff in here! After that, continue reading and check out each senior’s bio.

“The more you put into SWE, the more you’ll get out of it, but get involved on your own terms! Don’t seek out a leadership position because you think you it’s the “right” next step, or because you’ll get some perks out of it, or because your friend wants to… get involved because you want to contribute, to bring your unique perspective to the table to help better our section and our members. (This is not to say that you have to know what you want to contribute, or that you need to be overly accomplished before you get more involved – there are plenty of people to help you out along the way, so if you want to get involved but aren’t really sure that you know what you’re doing, do it anyway! The biggest pre-req to bigger role in SWE is enthusiasm.)”

“Communication will open (or close) so many doors for you it’s not funny. Get really good at it. Learn to write your emails carefully so what you say is consistent with what you mean. Give status updates every opportunity you get, even if it’s only to say that you haven’t gotten anything done. Sometimes what you’re saying isn’t as important as the fact that you’re saying it. Keep everyone involved excessively informed. I don’t know anyone who’s gotten mad about having too much information about what’s going on, but when people have no idea what’s happening tensions can run high. Moral of the story, communication is just as important as the cliches say it is, so get used to it and learn to master it.”

“It is never too early to start going to the career fair. Practice while therei s no pressure!!”

“Take the chance and become involved, it’s worth it, don’t just be passive, be an active part of SWE!”

“don’t be afraid to participate in SWE at Tech and be ready to meet new people”

“Live. Love. Laugh”

“Be involved and attend conferences as they are a great way for people to really see and understand the true meaning of SWE”

“Get involved! You will meet new people, make new friends and connections, and you will be able to try so many new things. All of this leads to you developing who you are, whether it is with SWE or not, the more involved you become, the more opportunities for leadership you will have, which ultimately leads to a well rounded person.”

“get involved early. SWE really is a great network of people that can really help you be successful in the classroom, in industry, and in your social life.”

“Become involved with as much as you can while you’re here. You won’t regret a minute of it!”

“Go to any or all conferences! It helps put things it better perspective and you will create friends and memories that will last a life time!”

and their bios….


Hometown: Gladstone, MI
Majors: Mechanical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering
Plans: Chrysler Institute of Engineering Program Professional in Auburn Hills, MI
SWE Involvement: Member for 3 years, Section President from 2014-2015, Vice President for Membership from 2013-2015,  Representative for the Mechanical Engineering Student Adivsory Committee during 2012-2013, and WE15 Collegiate Leadership Institute participant.
Future SWE Plans: I will be transitioning from a Collegiate Michigan Tech member to a Professional member of the SWE-Detroit Section. I am excited to join a new section and to watch the growth of the Michigan Tech Section.


Hometown: Escanaba, MI

Major: Electrical Engineering
Plans after Graduation: Work with Dematic
SWE favorite memory: Going to the SWE Conference in Minnesota and getting the bid to have the next Conference at Tech. As well as being a part of the Conference Committee for Tech.  I have met and made some amazing friends through SWE!
Future Plans in SWE: to Continue on as a professional


Hometown: East Lansing, MI
Major: Civil Engineering + Certificate in International Sustainable Development Engineering + Minors: Municipal Engineering, German Language, Communication Studies
Plans after graduation: Start working for Consumer Energy in July!
SWE involvement while at tech/favorite memory: Served as fundraising co-chair, president, and EWI co-chair. My favorite memory was probably attending my first regional conference in Minnesota – it was my first real exposure to the SWE community outside the section, and it was pretty amazing to see how much support there was available from fellow women engineers.
Future Plans in SWE: Get involved in the professional section in my area. Not sure exactly where that will lead, but I guess I’ll find out.


Hometown: Highland, MI
Major: Electrical Engineering & Computer Engineering
Plans after Graduation: Start as a FCG (Ford College Graduate) at Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, MI and move in to a house with my boyfriend in Plymouth, MI.
SWE Involvement: Was Webmaster Co-Chair during 2014-2015 academic year with Elizabeth Wohlford.
Future Plans in SWE: Hope to represent Ford at next SWE conference


Hometown: Andover, Minnesota
Major: Biomedical Engineering
Plans after graduation: Starting my career as an Applications Development Engineer at Saint Gobain
SWE involvement while at tech/favorite memory: Fundraising Chair & putting on the first ever SWEat Homecoming Spirit 5k!
Future Plans in SWE: Become involved with the local section in my area and hopefully help inspire and teach young girls about engineering


Hometown: Midland, MI
Major: Geological Engineering with an International Spanish minor.
Plans after graduation: I will be working for Baker Hughes Inc, in Pennsylvania.
Favorite SWE memory: Being a part of the planning committee for 2014 Region H conference. It’s was really cool to be a part of something so big and to see all the little details that go into such a big event.


Hometown: East Jordan, MI

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Plans after graduation: Working for Ford in Dearborn, MI

SWE involvement while at tech/favorite memory: I joined SWE in my second year, and I was fortunate enough to become Secretary on the executive board this year. I would have to say that my favorite SWE memory was attending the SWE national conference in LA in the fall.


Major: Electrical Engineering with a Power Engineering Certificate

Plans after graduation: Entry Engineering Program with Consumers Energy

SWE involvement while at tech: Active member since Fall 2010, Conference co-chair 2013-2014, Evening with INdustry co-chair 2014-2015, Outreach Director 2014-2015
Favorite Memory: Planning and orchestrating the SWE Region H 2014 conference here at Michigan Tech!
Future Plans in SWE: To be involved and attend regional and societal conferences.


Hometown: Brimley, MI

Major: Biomedical Engineering with a minor in French Language and Polymer Engineering

Plans after graduation: Validation Engineer at Precision Edge Surgical Instruments in Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan, eventually getting a graduate degree.

Future Plans in SWE: Help with the SWE section at Lake Superior State University


Hometown: Chesterfield, MI
Major: Chemical Engineering
Plans after graduation: Work as a process engineer for Archer Daniels Midland (ADM).
Favorite SWE memory: Going to the national conference in Los Angeles this past fall
Future Plans with SWE: Stay involved with SWE with a professional section in Illinois


Hometown: Red Bank, NJ
Major: Civil Engineering
Plans after graduation: Grad school at Iowa State
Favorite SWE memory: Having a successful conference that I helped plan
Future Plans with SWE: Get involved with GradSWE at Iowa State


Hometown: Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh, India
Major: Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics
Plans after graduation: Looking for a job in the United States
SWE involvement at Tech: Pasty seeling for winter carnival and Region H conference
Future Plans with SWE: Would love to be a part of SWE after graduation


Hometown: Rehovot, Israel
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Plans after graduation: Work as a design/manufacturing engineer
Favorite SWE memory: I enjoyed the opportunities for community involvement. It was nice to work on a project with other SWE members.
Future Plans with SWE: Continue being a member and take advantage of webinars/networking opportunities, and explore involvement opportunities at my future workplace


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