Hello to a New Adventure

The times comes again to say farewell to those graduating.  They’re spreading all around the country, from San Francisco to New York, for all sorts of reasons.  Get to know SWE’s seniors a bit better:

Dylaina Fiebing

Hometown: Traverse City, MI

Major: Chemical Engineering (BS)

Plans after Graduation: My plans after graduation will be to start working full time in June. I’m still in the process of interviewing with companies, but I’m pretty certain I’ll have something before I graduate!

Favorite SWE Memory: The applause I received after speaking in front of the 400 people who attended Evening with Industry in 2015, and then later that night, sitting with my EWI co-chairs after the event was done, knowing that “we did it!!”

Something interesting about yourself: I’m an avid Dungeons & Dragons player; I’ve been playing since I was 16. I play every 1-2 weeks at Tech and I have been since I came here in Fall 2012. It’s a whole different kind of problem solving method when you’re dealing with powerful spells and horrible monsters!

Elizabeth Wohlford

Hometown: Midland, MI

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Plans after Graduation: Moving to Seattle to be like Meridith Grey

Favorite SWE Memory: Big Mac Challenge Outreach Event

Something interesting about yourself: I’m a huge Beyonce fan

Anna Marchesano

Hometown: Plymouth, MI

Major: Chemical Engineering

Plans after Graduation: I plan to find work in process improvement or sustainability role.

Favorite SWE Memory: Playing Wii games my freshman year at a social with CHEB members, when I didn’t know anyone. It was a great way to get to know new SWE members, get involved, and have a fun time doing it!

Something interesting about yourself: I never wear matching socks.

Rebecca Villerot

Hometown: Royal Oak, MI

Major: Chemical Engineering

Plans after graduation: I will be working for Dow Chemical as a Process Engineer in the ECLIPSE program in Freeport, Texas.

Favorite SWE memory: I have really enjoyed and benefited from attending conferences. Also apple cider pressing this past fall was awesome!

Something interesting: I have lived in Wads, DHH and McNair.

Cassie Bobart

Hometown: Northbrook, IL

Major: Chemical Engineering

Plans after Graduation: Working for Verso, a paper company, near Iron Mountain.

Favorite SWE Activity: Apple Cider pressing!!!

Something interesting about yourself: I studied abroad in South Africa!!

Kate Boyles

Hometown: Ramsey, Minnesota

Major: Biomedical Engineering with minor in Electrical Engineering

Plans after Graduation: In May, I will be moving back to Minnesota and starting my job as a System Engineer at Medtronic, which has been my dream company for years! I will also be very busy with wedding planning this summer and will be marrying my best friend, Matt, in September!

Favorite SWE Memory: The societal conferences! I went to Baltimore, Los Angeles, and Nashville. All three trips were a ton of fun and full of awesome sessions and opportunities to grow and learn. It’s hard to say which conference was my favorite but I especially loved the beach in LA and all the live music in Nashville!

Something interesting about myself: I ran two marathons throughout college and was close to qualifying for Boston’s Marathon during my second one. I am looking forward to graduating and having more time to train and run other marathons!


Melissa Galant

Hometown: Shelby Twp., MI

Major: Materials Science and Engineering and Mechanical Engineering

Plans after graduation: Design Engineer at Caterpillar

Favorite SWE Memory: Planning 2014 Region H SWE Conference

Something interesting: I am going to miss skiing at Mt. Ripley!

Rachel Altscheffel

Hometown: Midland, Michigan

Major: Biomedical Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering

Plans after Graduation: I will be moving to Oswego, NY to be a process engineer with Novelis

Favorite SWE Memory: Helping plan the conference we hosted.

Something interesting about yourself: I have been to almost all of the waterfalls in the Keweenaw.

Justine Barker

Hometown: Menominee, MI

Major: Engineering Management

Plans after Graduation: Not sure yet for a job, but I am taking a five week road trip after graduation to reward myself!

Favorite SWE Memory: I attended 3 regional conferences, and they were all very fun and informative. I got to learn a lot through the sessions, and I also got to meet great people!

Something interesting about yourself: I did a study abroad in Italy and a project experience in India while at Michigan Tech. I love to travel!

Chloe Sult

Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI

Major: Computer Engineering

Plans After Graduation: Moving to San Francisco!

Favorite SWE Memory: Making slime with the middle school students

Kate Fletcher

Hometown: Green Bay, Wisconsin

Major: Materials Science Engineering

Plans after graduation: I will be moving to San Francisco to work at Chevron as a Refinery Materials Engineer!

Favorite SWE memory: Attending my first SWE conference in Baltimore a few years ago

Something interesting about myself: I hate cold weather and snow!

Thank you for the fantastic memories you’ve given us, and we wish you the best of luck!


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