All kinds of good stuff

This past weekend a few SWE members participated in Girls & Engineering¬†Exploration Day. This was a day for middle and high school girls to visit Tech with their parents and participate in great hands-on activities to get a feel for what Engineers really do. There were several presentations and several of the SWE members spoke to give the girls a better idea of some of the little known facts about Engineering and some unique areas of the field that isn’t¬†as well known as the typical stereotypes. The girls had a great time and we got lots of positive feedback from the parents! Good work inspiring young women and breaking down those stereotypes ladies!

In other news, nominees for the executive board for next year are currently being slated. Make sure you come to our general meeting NEXT WEDNESDAY to hear the speeches from those running for the executive positions. Help create a strong E-board for next year and come out and hear from the nominees.

Speaking of leadership. Start thinking about any committee head positions you may like to be a part of and contact the current chairs. These are great positions to get you more involved in SWE and they’re a lot of fun!

Also, we have recently started up a GradSWE section for our graduate student population on campus. Some members from this section will be speaking as well at the next general meeting about grad school and opportunities within GradSWE. Current grad students and those looking to become grad students in the near future are encouraged to become a part of GradSWE. Just email for more information and to be added to the mailing list.

Carnival 2015

Well, I hope you’ve all recovered from Winter Carnival and are back in the swing of classes!

As most of you know, we sold pasties as our fundraiser at Carnival this year. Thanks to all the amazing volunteers and for everyone getting the word out, we sold ALL 300 pasties! In the end, we raised $540 for our section. Even more amazing, we sold out by 10:45pm! So the pasties were quite the hit to say the least.


Another big event during the All Nighter was statue building…Here are some SWE members who helped with statue. It was quite the chilly night, but they’re still all smiles!


And lastly…the finished product with our good-lookin section president! The theme for Winter Carnival this year was travel so we did a guitar since WE15 will be held in Nashville later this year.


We hope you all had a fun night. This was yet another successful Winter Carnival. Both in terms of fun and fundraising! Can’t wait till next year!