Mid-Semester Update

Hello Everyone!

This semester has started off a bit later than it has in the past. Hope everyone is doing well this semester and can find time to join SWE in some of the fun events we have going on throughout the year.


The weather for K-day was gorgeous and sunny. I forgot to wear my sunscreen and got a little burnt but nothing to worry about. It was great talking to all the different students and promoting our club. Our t-shirts were to dye for! Even Blizzard joined in and tried to help some students dye their t-shirts without staining his paws. 


Evening with Industry

Thank you to the company representatives and students that came to our Evening with Industry. It was great networking and visiting with both the company representatives and my fellow students before Career Fair. Our guest speaker, Dr. Carol Ley, shared her journey and some memories about her time at Michigan Tech. Who knew that back in the day you could sled out of Douglas Houghton Hall via your dorm window? While that is not encouraged anymore, she did encouraged us all to seek learning opportunities and to enjoy our time here at Michigan Tech. The dinner itself was pretty tasty thanks to the MUB catering.


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Fall Career Fair

The 2017 Fall Career Fair was huge! Seeing all the students dressed in their business attire, walking around, and talking to some of the 1000+ company representatives was fun. I know I practiced my handshake and elevator speech all week and almost couldn’t stop at “hello” when I was just meeting new people! The following days there were lots of interviews for internships, co-ops, and full time jobs. Hope everyone talked to the companies on their lists and were able to get an interview. In the meantime, keep those resumes updated! It won’t be long until the Spring Career Fair on February 21st, 2018.

If you’re a student or company representative that would like to know more about Michigan Tech’s Career Fairs, here is the link: http://www.mtu.edu/career/students/jobs/fair/

Apple Picking

Had fun wandering Dr. Gretchen Hein’s family farm and picking wild apples. Before and after picking apples we got to interact with the animals. Chasing the chickens was a workout experience but a few SWEsters caught some (no animals were harmed in the chase, just some pride)! Also, who knew duck feathers were so soft? I think my favorite animal interaction was feeding and petting the alpacas and sheep. Their wool is so dense and soft! Giving myself a reminder to myself to make sure I have wool socks before the snow comes…


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Apple Pressing

The SWEsters that could make it to Dr. Hein’s family farm got to press their own cider. We greeted all the animals again and got to work. Working together, we made multiple batches with a variety of the wild apples we picked two days prior. They were ground up, pressed, and then sampled! The difference batches had different levels of tartness depending on how many crab apples we added to the blend. Everyone who came got to bring home some of the cider. Personally I’m not the biggest fan of apple juice but the cider was amazing and definitely better than any store bought juice I’ve tried. I decided to shared the cider with some family that was visiting and was it gone in seconds!


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SWEsters at Dr. Hein’s family farm for apple pressing.

Drag Show

SWEsters got together and attended the 17th Annual Michigan Tech Drag Show which was fantastic! The lip syncing, dancing, intricate costumes and makeup were captivating. The queens and king put on such a fun show full of acceptance, love, and fierceness. The urge to sing and dance along was so strong! It didn’t take long before I was dancing in my seat for the rest of the night. You know it’s a good show when you almost lose your voice cheering and clapping after all the numbers. I can’t wait to see what the 18th annual drag show will bring! Side question: can someone teach me how to do a death drop without getting injured?

Pumpkin Painting

During our October 18th general meeting we painted pumpkins for our friends at Cypress Manor while eating some candy corn and other Halloween treats. The pumpkins painted varied from beautiful designs to fun monsters.