SWE Graduates

Well it is that time of year.  By the calender it is spring, and by mother nature we are in the dead of winter after the blizzard we had a few days ago.  Nonetheless, graduation is around the corner and this semester we have some seniors that will be moving out to the professional world in a few weeks.

Help us congratulate our graduates!  Below is all of the graduating seniors bios.  Enjoy!

Stephanie Stevens
-Hometown: Traverse City, MI
-Major: Chemical Engineering
-4 years at Michigan Tech
-SWE member for 4 years. SWE Secretary/ E-board for 2 years (2011-2013).
-I will be moving to Midland, MI after graduation to work for Dow Corning as a Process
-Favorite Memories: Orientation week was the first time I joined a student organization on
campus and I am so glad I did! The Society of Women Engineers, SWE, was hosting a hike to the Hungarian waterfall and I decided to take a chance and go on this hike. I have always had a love for outdoor activities, maybe due to growing up in Traverse City, MI where you live outdoors in the summer months and take advantage of lake effect snow in winter months, so I knew this hike had to be worth my time. Little did I know that none of the SWE girls actually knew how to get to the falls; we got lost in the woods! By getting lost for a solid 20-30 minutes, I really bonded with the SWE ladies and had the chance to see the strong sense of character in my fellow peers. I have been an active and executive board SWE member since that hike freshmen year, and I was honored to run for Michigan Tech’s 2013 Winter Carnival Queen on behalf of SWE! Thanks Ladies for some great memories!

Kelsey Michael

-Hometown: Lewiston, MI

-Major: Materials Science and Engineering

-4 years at Tech

-SWE involvement: Social Committee head and 2nd VP of Membership

-After graduation I plan to work for Mercury Marine as a Materials Engineer

-My involvement with SWE has been well worth it. I have learned so much about leadership, professional development and what it takes to be a women in engineering. I have made some great friends in SWE that I hope continue for years to come! I am looking forward to continuing to be involved in the Wisconsin professional section. 🙂


Mary “Katy” Kaitlin Hickey
-Hometown: Port Huron, MI
-Majors: Biomedical Engineering BS, German Language Minor
-4 years at Tech
-SWE involvement: Social Chair
-Planning on doing the accelerated MBA at MTU and looking for jobs out west (Colorado

Katie Price
-Hometown: Brighton, MI
-Major: Environmental Engineering (BS)
-SWE involvement: Treasurer 2011-2012, Vice President 2012-2013, Member 2009-2013
-I will be working for General Motors as an Environmental Engineer at the Warren Tech Center in Michigan
-I have loved being in SWE the past four years, it truly was one of the best decisions I made at Tech. I have met some of my best friends through SWE and have had amazing opportunities that has shaped my future as an engineer. The young women in our section never cease to amaze me with their dedication and compassion; you ladies will always mean the world to me!

Molly Johnson
-Hometown: Grand Haven, MI
-Major: BS Civil Engineering
-Years at Tech: 5 Years
-SWE involvement: 3 Years – 1 general member, 2 publicity committee chair
-Plans for after graduation: Currently applying for jobs, hoping to stay in the mid-west area. I’ll give you an update when I find one 😉
-I’ve loved getting to know all of the lovely ladies of SWE, going to national and regional
conferences, and making it to playoffs with the Snowy Senoritas broomball team!

Alicia Walby
Hello SWEsters! My name is Alicia Walby and I am from Greenville, WI. I will be earning my Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering after 5 years of studying, making friends, having fun, and exploring the UP while at Tech. Past SWE roles include the following:

  • Publicity Committee Chair / Co-Chair for 2 years FY10-FY11
  • Communications Committee Chair FY11
  • Region Collegiate Communications Editor (RCCE) FY12
  • Region Collegiate Representative (RCR) FY13

My plans after graduation include moving out east to work for Pratt and Whitney as a
Mechanical Design Engineer. Upon moving New Hampshire and working in Maine, I plan on exploring the territory, which is very similar to that of Houghton, in that I am in the heart of camping, hiking, kayaking, and of course road biking. When the snow starts to fly, I’ll make my way up to some slopes and find some snowshoeing trails to tackle. And of course, no fear. I shall not convert to a New England Patriots fan, but shall wear green and gold with pride to support The Pack every Sunday. Go Packers!

Future SWE plans include joining Region F and the Maine professional section. While I think that moving, starting full-time, and running for a coordinator position would be too much all in my first year, I plan to run for the RCR/RCCE coordinator position the following year. See you all in Baltimore later this year!


Last night, Michigan Tech held the Annual Student Leadership Awards.
We are proud to announce, that we won the Most Improved Organization of the Year!

Thanks for all your hard work, everyone! We’ve had a great year and definitely made some fabulous changes. We’re headed in the right direction!

Good luck with your last week of classes.

CHEB Retreat

This past weekend, member of the outgoing and incoming CHEB met to transition into new roles.

After an ice breaker learning a fun fact unique to each lady, we went into business mode.

The operating procedure and bylaws were updated and approved.  We also made some new goals for next year!

At the end of the meeting all members planned out meeting topics for next year.  Based on the ideas for socials and meetings next year, all of you that are not graduating this year, best be prepared for another awesome year in SWE!  If you have any ideas that you would like to see come to fruition for a social or meeting, be sure to email someone on CHEB and let them know!

Student Panel

Still trying to decide what to do this summer? Debating between senior design and enterprise? Wondering if you want some international experience?

Our upcoming meeting will be a perfect time for you to look into these different programs! You will be able to hear from students who have participated in study abroad, iDesign, senior design, enterprise, internships, and co-ops. They will be sharing what they liked/didn’t like about the program, how it has changed them on a personal level and how it has contributed to their education. Come with lots of questions!

Hope to see you there!

Usual time and place: ChemSci 101 at 6pm this Wednesday (4/10).

Try to enjoy the April snow!

Back in time

I found some old pictures that never made it on the blog!

Below are a few pictures from events over the past year.


recent SWii social! Some girls got together to play some Wii games last week!





Some wonderful models showing off our bra from the bra show!

263524_3760647895507_1904703761_n 318916_10152262130685111_2125744042_n


National Conference 2012 in Texas!

















Winter Carnival Curling Games




CHEB Fall 2012 Ugly Sweater Party

Committee Head and Executive Board Ugly Sweater Christmas Party!


We’ve had quite the year filled with some great activities. Please keep sending pictures, we’ll try harder to get more of them posted!


Enjoy the sunshine!