Executive Board

We’ve had some big changes in the structure this year…so check out the changes!

President – Brittany Frost

  • Plan logistics and travel to Societal and Regional Conferences
  • Responsible for maintaining the SWE email account and check voicemail.
  • Corporate and university liaison and point of contact
  • Complete all paperwork required to keep SWE a registered organization with the University and remain in good standing with National SWE
  • Work directly with Advisors and Mentors

President Elect – Brittany Frost

  • The role is a 2 year term consisting of first year as president elect and second year as president
  • Preside at general meetings
  • Preside at committee chair meetings in the absence of the Directors
  • Plan logistics and travel to Societal and Regional Conferences
  • Coordinate the spring banquet with the help of the executive council

Vice President for Membership – Hannah Lyons

  • Maintain the swe-l, swecheb-l, and sweeb-l email lists
  • Update membership information with USG
  • Track members and their active status
  • Organizes door prizes for all general meetings
  • Plan one social per semester with the Women in Engineering Learning Community
  • Maintain attendance record for all SWE events

Treasurer – Anna Marchesano

  • Attend all budget meetings as requested by Undergraduate Student Government (USG)
  • Submit all forms related to taxes such as E-Cards and Tax Exempt forms
  • Prepare previous year’s spending history for CHEB at end of the year retreat
  • Keep a current spending history and budget
  • Prepare Financial Report for Societal Level SWE.

Secretary – Molli Andor

  • Record minutes at all meetings
  • Write thank you notes and prepare gifts for any speakers.
  • Maintain office supplies
  • Maintain a calendar of committee activities.

Counselor – Britta Jost

  • Responsible to the region governor for the section’s compliance with the bylaws, policies, and procedures of national SWE


  • Financial: Elizabeth Hoy
  • Faculty: Gretchen Hein
  • Faculty: Julie Way


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