Winter Carnival 2014!

Good Morning ladies!!!

Today is the kick off to Winter Carnival! I hope you’re all excited and ready for tonight. SWE is having walking taco sales this year!walking taco


We will have a booth right outside Fisher, so stop by and pick one up for $4! Or, since most of you are volunteering, get your friends to support SWE and pick one up. We are also building a statue close by, so stop and check that out too. Maybe bring some hot chocolate to the builders…because I’m sure they’ll be chilly…cold-weather-clipart-2

Be safe out there tonight, everyone! Stay warm, be smart, and enjoy the long weekend.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at Conference next weekend. We had our general meeting last night, and heard more about everything that has been done for conference. The girls have done an amazing job, we are all so thankful and looking forward to a wonderful event. Thanks for all your hard work!


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