Welcome Back!

Happy 2014 everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your break and are back, refreshed, and ready for another semester. This weather doesn’t seem to be letting up on us any time soon, but at least we should have plenty of snow for Carnival this year!…Speaking of Carnival, we are going to be doing an all-nighter statue this year! So send in your ideas please =)wc-logo

The committee heads and executive board met this week, and we’re all very excited for another semester with all you ladies! We have some wonderful plans for this semester and are especially looking forward to Conference.


Our first meeting of the semester is next week (Jan 22nd) Wednesday at 6pm in Fisher 138. We will have guests and SWE members talking about their experiences during Internships, Co-ops, Study Abroad, and Grad School. We hope this will help you understand what all of these entail and encourage you to go after one or even all of them! We have people with lots of knowledge to share and they’re looking forward to sharing their experiences and answering any questions you may have.

Get out and enjoy the snow this weekend!


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