Hang in there!

It’s the last week in the semester ladies!!

I was trying to find some helpful study tips online to post for you, but realized they all say they same thing, and honestly, they’re not the best. Because no matter what, we all end up feeling like this…


So just remember, you made it through the whole semester, it’s just a few more weeks! Get plenty of sleep and eat well. Skipping that meal or pulling an all-nighter will only make the final or project even harder. Most importantly, keep your wits about you. You’re all smart, beautiful SWE girls! Don’t let stressful times convince you any differently. And when these next few weeks of Senior Design projects, final class projects, reports, and exams are over. You can do fun things like this…

esi158_sleep making-snow-angel-clipart

Especially know that we’re all here for you too! Whether you need help studying or finishing a project, or just someone to go for coffee with, we’re all here.  

We’re all taking a break tonight! So, join us to eat some delicious food, enjoy each others company and say goodbye to our graduating senior, Kodi Padilla. We’re meeting at St. Al’s church for a potluck at 6pm.


Hope to see you all there! Have a great rest of the semester!




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