Year in Review

Hey SWE-sters!

Hope you’re all enjoying summer! Well, hopefully it’s summer where you are. Houghton, is still stuck in early spring it seems…

In an effort to be more eco-friendly we are not printing a newsletter this year. Instead below is a nice little wrap up of what happened this year!

Letter from the Section President: 

To those of you here at Tech this year, thank you very much for such a fantastic year! The hard work of our Committee Heads and Executive Board, along with the enthusiasm of our General Members really made this year one for the books. We achieved nearly all of our goals set at the end of last year and have quite a few new members that helped us in these goals, bringing us to over 90 societal, 90 local, and 50 active members! Proof of our progress was recognized by Michigan Tech, as we were awarded Most Improved Student Organization of the Year! I am very proud of the section’s accomplishments and only see things getting better as we hand things off to next year’s leadership team.

The Fall semester was extremely successful. Being able to send 15 members (including one of our Advisors) to WE12 in Houston, TX was one of our biggest accomplishments, especially after sending 13 members to the previous year’s Annual Conference in Chicago! On top of this large event, we also had a very successful Evening with Industry, a fun social event at one of our Advisor’s homes, and a variety of other great events. Thank you to everyone who planned and attended each of these events; they would not have been possible without you!

The Spring semester has been awesome, as well. Thanks to Michigan Tech’s College of Engineering, we were able to send a staggering 25 members (including one of our Advisors) to this year’s Region H Conference, at which our awesome Region H Conference Bid Committee was able to land us the vote to host the 2014 Region H Conference here at Michigan Tech! An extra special thank you to everyone who helped make that a success! On top of a very eventful conference, we were also very successful in our Winter Carnival SWEsh kabob sale and in Winter Carnival Special Events, and had a fantastic Winter Carnival Queen Candidate. We also had more great social and outreach events and meetings, then wrapped things up with our end of the year Spring Banquet. Thank you again to everyone who helped with these events.

All-in-all, we really did have one awesome year. I had a lot of fun working with our entire section and I am very proud of all that we were able to accomplish. As I will be staying around for one more semester, I am excited to see what great things next year’s leaders have in store for us. One final thank you to the section for making the year so great!

Kodi Padilla

A big thank you to our Executive Board this year! They did a great job holding together our SWE family and drastically increasing our membership.

 President: Kodi Padilla

Vice President: Katie Price

Secretary: Stephanie Stevens

Treasurer: Kerstin Cleveland

2nd VP for Membership: Kelsey Michael

And here’s all the committee updates for this past year!

Communication Committees 

Historian: Kim D’Augustino. Collected photos from all of our events and collaborated them in a fantastic scrapbook! We now have a great way to share all of our wonderful memories from this year.

Publicity: Molly Johnson. This year the publicity committee designed and posted flyers around campus advertising our general meetings and other SWE sponsored events. We also have plans to update the photos on our pillar in the MEEM and on our flyers. 

Council Rep: Samantha Kallman. Brought student concerns to the Mechanical Engineering chair at bi-weekly meetings. These includes ideas such as computer log-in speed, acquiring staplers and three-hole punches for the Fish Bowl. She also volunteered for the Presidential Council of Alumnae Induction. Thanks to her, many student needs in the MEEM were met and the labs are functioning much more smoothly! 

Webmaster: Kaitlyn Bunker. Enjoyed another successful year of maintaining our section’s website.  Many member photos and resumes have been posted this year – feel free to send yours at any time and it can be added!  Be sure to like the new Michigan Tech Society of Women Engineers facebook page to stay up to date on section activities.

Newsletter: Alicia Walby and Ericka Sheeran. Posted to this wonderful blog to keep everyone informed about important events!

Conference Bid: Kerstin Cleveland and Britta Anderson. Successfully won the bid to have Region H Conference at Michigan Tech next winter!

Outreach Committees

Certificate of Merit: Ashley Shortz. Started the fall semester with letters to high school girls who attended summer youth programs at Michigan Tech during the past summer. About 150 high school girls from WI, MI, and MN were nominated for the Certificate of Merit and will be presented with the Certificate this year.

Community and Campus: Rose Greene and Megan Doulette. This year community and campus completed 3 successful Big Mac programs, and 3 fun trips to Cypress Manor Nursing Home. We also did events such as K-Day, student involvement fair, reverse student organization career fair, and other recruitment events.

Evening with Industry: Jillian Broadbent, Kaitlyn Bunker, Emily Jensen and Becca Sprys. The Evening with Industry committee hosted another successful event in Fall 2012.  Over 300 people attended EWI this year, which included time for interaction between students and company representatives, a great dinner, and an inspiring keynote presentation from Charlotte Field, a Michigan Tech alumna who is a Senior Vice President at Comcast.  The committee is hard at work planning EWI for this fall, which will take place on Monday, September 23, 2013.  We are excited to welcome SWE FY13 Society President Alyse Stofer as our keynote speaker!

Fundraising: Erika Poli and Elizabeth Sickles. The fundraising committee continued the tradition of selling SWE-ish-kabobs at Winter Carnival.  Vending with fellow SWE members was a blast, the kabobs were a popular item, and overall the stand was a success!

Social: Mary Hickey and Hannah Lyons. The social chairs did a great job of planning fun socials like SWii, always made sure we had delicious snacks at our meetings, and organized all the IM sports, Homecoming, Spring Fling, and Winter Carnival events.

THANK YOU everyone for such a fantastic year. We couldn’t have asked for better leaders and members to be a part of our SWE community. A big thanks goes out to the Executive Board and Committee Heads for their hard work and dedication, and all the members for making SWE so great!

Wishing you all a wonderful summer filled with adventure (and hopefully some warm weather)!

See you in the Fall!


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