Recent Election Results

There have been some election ballots and many a emails lately regarding elections.  Well most of the elections are over.  Committee chairs still remain, but we have our executive council and conference chairs all voted in!  Let’s celebrate!

FY14 Executive Council

Help us congratulate our new executive council for the upcoming year!

President: Erika Poli
Vice President: Jillian Broadbent
2nd VP for Membership: Sam Kallman
Treasurer: Kerstin Cleveland
Secretary: Rose Greene

Congratulations ladies!  You will serve the Michigan Tech SWE section well and we can’t wait to find out what you have planned for next year!

2014 Region H Conference Chairs

Kerstin Cleveland
Britta Anderson

The entire section would like to congratulate everyone for their hard work put into the conference bid planning and conference planning thus far.  We can’t wait to host conference and know you ladies will do swell in your new roles.  Come February next year, watch out Houghton, the population of female engineers is about to increase by a lot.


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