General Meeting and Career Fair Prep

Hey everyone,

This past Wednesday we had our second general meeting of the semester. We had a fantastic turn out! So, thank you everyone for coming! First, Kodi gave an introductory presentation about all of our announcements. Here is a quick overview.

The Stilettos to Steeltoes essay competition is now open! Check out the previous post for details. We will be having an essay social on October 11th in room 224 in the library.

October 6th, we will be pressing cider with one of our advisers, Gretchen Hein. This is a great way to celebrate this wonderful fall weather we’re having. We will keep you posted on details.

Today is the last day to vote for Homecoming King and Queen so get online and vote for Kodi Padilla and support SWE!

Our next meeting will actually be next week! We are having some representatives from Career Fair talk with us about what they are looking for. We do this every year, and it is very helpful. The company representatives love sharing all their past experiences with career fairs. This is a very rare opportunity to be able to speak casually with the company representatives and find out what they’re really looking for. So come out next Wednesday (October 3rd) at 6pm in Chem-Sci 101!

Julie Way’s presentation was amazing as usual. Career Services has expanded drastically and is offering more and more resources to help us prepare for Career Fair. So, make sure you are always checking their website Some pointers Julie had for everyone when approaching reps at the career fair included be confident, make eye contact, have a 60 sec overview of yourself memorized, ask questions, research the company, and most importantly, smile! Another topic Julie focused on was dress code. Please don’t wear your homecoming/prom dresses! Wear a suit! You look most professional this way and the representative won’t be focusing on your outfit, but rather your resume.Thank you Julie for all the great advice!

If you weren’t able to make it to the meeting, the Career Services website that I provided earlier has links to pretty much everything she talked about. There are example resumes, 60 second speeches, and dress code pointers.

Good luck at the Career Fair everyone, I hope these pointers were helpful!

Don’t forget the Career Fair Panel Discussion next week at 6pm!


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