Stilettos to Steel Toes

Unstrap your stilettos and lace up the boots because it’s time to write about why you chose a non-traditional career.  Our section of SWE will be participating in an essay writing competition sponsored by Schlumberger!  With your help our section can win money to support local activities.

There will be a kick off meeting tonight (Thursday, September 13th) from 6:00pm  to 6:30pm in Chem Sci.  A representative from Schlumberger will be on campus to discuss the Stilettos to Steel Toes essay competition.  They will be going over the details of what the topic is this year, how to submit, rules, etc.  You may be wondering how long of an essay do I need to write?  Well no worries.  The word count for this essay competition is between 100 and 350 words.  What’s even better?  If you write a really good essay and Schlumberger likes it a lot, you could win an individual cash prize if you are 1st, 2nd, or 3rd!

Dinner will be provided for all members attending the event.

Sadly, only Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors can submit essays, but all members are welcome to attend! If for any reason, you cannot attend, you can find information regarding the competition here.

Get your pencils and pens out! The theme this year is “Where will your shoes take you?”.  It’s time to write some short essays on why you choose a non-traditional career path.  Happy Writing.


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