Ice Cream Social

The first general meeting for Michigan Tech SWE took place tonight.  As tradition holds, an ice cream social was held.  In the past old returning members would eat ice cream, learn about what SWE has to offer members, as well as time to socialize and get to know each other.  This year it was vamped up with a combination of ice cream social and stories from company representatives on what life is like after you graduate college and start your career.

First general meeting of the year was a success! Look at what a great turn out we had!!!

Two company representatives came from Caterpillar and spoke about their time at Tech and what life has been like since graduation.  Some words of advice from the CAT representatives include saving your text books used for your major and not to be afraid of trying something new.  Don’t let fear hold you back either.  In most jobs, you will be trained / taught what to do.  Take the first step in talking to companies and finding out if you might be a good fit.  You never know where who could end up working for.

Thanks goes out to Nucor for supplying the ice cream and toppings for the social!  Four company representatives and three summer interns from Nucor were at the meeting.  Nucor representatives talked about what it is like to work at Nucor and the types of jobs that are available at Nucor.  Each representative spoke about their experience at Nucor and why they enjoy going to work each day.  Each representative stressed the importance of safety.  If you do not feel safe about doing something or feel that something is unsafe all you have to do is speak up.  If you feel there is something that could reduce the risk of an injury or make a job easier you are encouraged to spear head the design and implementation of a solution.  The three interns also spoke about their experience over the summer at Nucor and the variety of hands on projects they decided to dive into.

Thanks again to the representatives from Nucor and Caterpillar for making the journey up to Michigan Tech and taking time to come to our SWE meeting.  And another thanks to Nucor for the ice cream.  It was delicious!

Our next general meeting is Wednesday, September 26th.  It is Career Fair Prep, so come prepared with questions and be ready to have them answered!  The meeting will be held in Chem Sci 101 at 6pm.


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